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10" x 22" Archival Quality Giclee print, Hand Signed


"Spring Dance" was created by hand carving each element out of linoleum, hand printing the carvings, and then collaging the handmade pieces together digitally to create the final art piece.


Fairies are aflight! Bright and blissful, this floral piece depicts fairies dancing around blooming poppies, cheering on the arrival of spring. "Spring Dance" is an ode to my six-year-old self, who would have loved nothing more than to twirl among flower stems with magical friends.


The art piece was created in Durham, NC and printed in Los Angeles, CA on Somerset Velvet, 225 gsm textured, 100% cotton rag printmaking paper. 


*orders take 3-5 days to ship*

Giclee Print: Spring Dance

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